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Kids Golf

Golf Holidays
November 9, 2019
Technology Golf
November 9, 2019
The SimoneGolf School is part of Us Kids Academy Italy, the leading academy in technical principles for teaching golf to children of any age. Our mission is to raise awareness of the most fascinating aspects of this sport in a context that stimulates the human relationship that underlies all of our activities. Visualizing the goal in order to reach it to the best of one's possibilities and as quickly as possible, this is what we strive to achieve by combining competence, experience and hospitality, thus creating a harmony that goes beyond the simple professional relationship.

We are constantly on the move to organize collective courses during summer and winter for kids who want to practice this wonderful sport.

Winter Course from Novemeber to May:
350,00 € per person,

Summer Course from June to September:
350,00 € per person.

For Information: