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Golf Licenses

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November 13, 2019
Fitting Golf
December 4, 2019

Golf Licenses:

To play golf autonomously you must undertake a course with the Golf Teacher, who will issue you the GREEN CARD, (the certificate attesting to the knowledge of the game and the etiquette, without which it's impossible play in full awareness this wonderful game.)

Do you want to live an unforgettable experience playing Golf? 
With an intensive 3-hour course, with the first lesson at the school camp and the rest in the company of the PGAi teacher of the toscanagolfacademy, you will quickly learn the basics of this wonderful sport.

The package includes:
3 hours of lessons + entry into the Course + clubs rental + golf cart to access the coursefor only € 180.00 or € 200.00 for a couple (€ 100.00 for person).


Master Simone Micciarelli is also abilitated to give Platzreife; the licence provide for immediate access to the course after 8 hours of lessons.
The diplomas are valid in some fields of Italy, in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The different standards established during the issuance of a space permit have made it difficult to obtain mutual recognition of certificates. Therefore, since 2006 in Germany, the DGV-Platzreife (German Golf Association (DGV)), which is now offered by over 650 authorized golf courses and golf schools, is sufficient in most golf courses in Germany for a permit of space. [1] This is a standardized DGV test for the necessary basic rules and etiquette and play skills of golf beginners.

Platzreife 8-hour individual course: 450 €
Platzreife 8 hour-course for 2 people: 800 € (400 € per person)
Platzreife 8-hour Family course 1050 € (350 € per person)
Platzreife 8-hour Family course (4 people) 1200 € (300 € per person)