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February 24, 2021
March 12, 2021


We have seen how harmful it can be “keeping the head still” in the backswing. Now, as promised, let’s analyze what this unnatural posture can cause when we strike the ball. The origin of the myth “keep your head still” is a legacy from those early still frames of great champions taken at the moment of impact , with their gaze fixed on the ball.

This has created the very damaging belief that a “still head” is the solution to all problems. Unfortunately , those photographs are misleading because they freeze the player in a static position whereas, in fact, he is in motion and therefore that posture does not reflect the actual reality.

The advent of modern technology and new swing analysis systems ( such as the KVEST) have enabled us to appreciate that no top player would begin with the intention of locking his gaze on the ball, as this would inhibit his capacity to rotate his hips and shoulders, hence limiting the extension of his arms at the moment of impact.

If you look at the red “T” on the players cap, you can see that his head rotates together with his body in the follow through movement. By riveting your head to the ball you will drastically reduce the speed of body rotation and – as a consequence – also that of the club head. That is why it seems (and I stress “seems”) to work when we are out of form , but this is merely a palliative measure and may seem to work only because it reduces tremendously the swing speed – just like a car with a faulty engine appears to perform better if driven slowly. Blocking your head on the ball will make your swing much worse and will create even more annoying problems. Here is an example : On the left we can see an absolutely still head which creates a block of the body rotation and – as a consequence – forces the left arm into the infamous “chicken wing” position. But in the photograph on the right, looking at the cap visor , we can see how the player’s head has swivelled together with the body, thus enabling his arms to gain the fastest possible speed and extension.

So, stop holding your head still and understand how to optimise your body rotation with the help of the K-VEST. Come and join me on the driving range.