March 2, 2021
March 30, 2021


If you have come across this article, you probably belong to that group of athletes who – as a result of the Covid emergency situation – have been deprived of the opportunity to go to the gym or swimming pool and are looking for a sport to take up.

Golf is undoubtedly the right choice.

OK, I understand, I think I know what you are thinking, but I urge you not to be put off by the many misconceptions associated to golf. I have heard these time and time again and I shall dispel them one by one. “Golf is a sport for the rich”. Perhaps this was once true, but nowadays there are many clubs at very affordable membership fees. To give you an idea of the comparative costs, one well organized week’s skiing holiday costs more than a whole year of golfing.
“Golf is not a sport”. Yet another falsehood. To begin with, in order to complete a full round of golf one has to walk briskly for a minimum of 6 kilometres, therefore a much more beneficial and less traumatic keep fit routine than running. This alone would suffice to dispel the above notion , but there is more.......In addition to walking, one should consider also the physical effort involved in performing the “swing” movement which will enable you to strike the ball. It should also be realized that this requires not only to set the arms into motion, but also to trigger an action sequence which – because of its complexity and muscle involvement - it is equal to an athletics gesture. So, if you think that golf is a mere walk through the daisies catching butterflies then you have got it completely wrong, your muscles need to do serious work.

“Golf is a sport for older people”. I would change this concept as follows: “it is a sport which can be played well into an advanced age”. Unless you are the immortal Highlander, you will age as everyone does, so why not take up today a sport which you can practice well into old age ? I often see the sad spectacle of people past their prime who stubbornly want to appear younger and struggle playing 5-a-side football, tennis or squash, succeeding only in damaging their bodies through excessive physical efforts which they can no longer sustain and – as a consequence – end up injured or in pain. Golf is not a contact sport, does not require any sudden movement or sharp change of direction so there is no danger of injury. Each player will find his own physical limitations and adjust to them in order to perform the “swing” without having to overdo it. Indeed I remember that, not so long ago, golf was played mainly by older people whereas nowadays this sport is being enjoyed by young people and even children.

Now, however, let us go back to the initial consideration, i.e. that you are looking for a sport you can practice even during this pandemic emergency. In my opinion you could not make a better choice when it comes to Covid- safety criteria. Yes, let me expand on this: it is played in the open air, it can be played individually and even if you play with partners you are using clubs measuring at least 80cm long , therefore social distancing is automatic. Should you need any additional information, I am at your service: I have prepared a Starter Package for beginners , so please contact me and we can discover together the beauty of the game of golf.