January 26, 2021
Kevin Na wins the Sony Open in Hawaii
January 27, 2021

No more glossy images: cover yourself in technology

Every year winter arrives and with it the bad weather, which often discourages even the most keen golfer. I can already see him bored, wandering around the club house on a rainy day and - on seeing a magazine lying on the table - his dull eyes light up with curiosity . The cover is as captivating as a mermaid’s song, promising to reveal the secret of a longer drive, granting the magic power of increased ball spin and without even selling one’s soul to the devil it offers to cure the Slice forever. The modern ODYSSEUS, with no mast to anchor to, is ready to give in to any flattery. Mesmerised by the reading, he is won over by the contents of the articles and his eye is then caught by the photographs of professional players frozen in stylish poses. He dreams of being like them, he too would like to twist his hips in “that” position and move his hands as they do. He will try to imitate those postures , unaware that such an attempt will cause the collapse of his swing. The model he strives to follow is wrong. The photographs, in fact, are a great deception because they are taken during the execution of the swing which - especially in the case of great champions - is carried out at very high speed. It is enough that the “still image” shows an error of even a few milliseconds, or that the camera is wrongly positioned (i.e. not perfectly aligned with the player ), then what we will see is completely different from reality. Today at last there is a way to stop falling into this deception and to “feel and wear” the positions we see in the magazine photographs. Yes, try the K-VEST to feel the swing whilst “wearing” it like a garment. So take advantage of the winter period to try out a three-dimensional training session with the TITLEIST K-VEST swing analysis. Its modern technology allows each player to feel the correct positions for himself, memorize them and repeat them thanks to sound and visual feedbacks. Wear the swing of great champions with the K-VEST !!