Chicco Molinari makes a great start with a top ten
January 27, 2021
February 10, 2021

The golf “Pro” is like a “doctor”

Here below I give my reasons, with examples. - Recently I went to a cardiologist for a check-up. He connected me to various cables to carry out an electrocardiogram. The machine produced data, the doctor analyzed it and said everything was in order, so I went home reassured, nothing to worry about. However, do you think that if the cardiologist had merely sounded my chest I would have felt equally reassured? Most certainly not! - Last summer I fell off my bicycle and when I arrived at the hospital with a sore wrist the first thing they did was to carry out an X-ray. The doctors looked at the result and saw that nothing was broken. Here too everything was in the norm. But - I ask you - , if they had not carried out an X-ray, but simply felt my wrist without further investigation, could they have been certain there was not even the slightest fracture ? Obviously not, also in this case . The fact is that when it comes to our health we demand the best of technology at our service. So I asked myself: when it comes to concentrating on the swing, with the club travelling at very high speed, why rely solely on eye judgement which has its human limitations, simply because our health is not at risk? I take my work very seriously and so, like many professionals in other fields, I choose to use highly technological machinery which allows me to see and measure what my eye cannot.. I have studied for a long time, taking difficult exams and gaining qualifications in order to be able to interpret and assess the data that the machines provide and enabling me to pass on to you this information simply and clearly. I think your swing is valuable and deserves to be analyzed, treated and “ cured” with the best equipment . This is why for the past two years I have been working constantly with the FLIGHT SCOPE X2 Tracking Radar, the K-VEST Swing Analysis System, the CAPTO Putting Sensor, the HACKMOTION Wrist Angle Assessment. Only what can be measured can be improved.